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Making Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

For the past year, we have all missed out on much-needed vacations, that quick beach getaway with family and even the more simple moments of an evening out in a new city to celebrate an anniversary. Although life in Texas as returned to the post-COVID, new normal, other areas of the world are still experiencing restrictions that may make travel less than ideal. If you find yourself having to pass on (yet another) summer vacation getaway due to the pandemic, look on the bright side. There are several things you can do within your own home to give you feeling of a fantastic hotel getaway.

Elegance and Relaxation

One of the greatest aspects of traveling is staying in luxurious, opulent and sometimes quirky hotel rooms that combine both elegance and relaxation. What do they all have in common? An inviting and de-cluttered bedroom with heavy curtains that block light and promote the perfect night’s sleep!  If you’re hoping implement this in your own space with glamorous—and very on-trend—window covering for the bedroom, velvet is the way to go. The softness of the fabric balances out any hard edges throughout a room and its light-catching properties reflect and almost give off light. Try lighting curtains from above to take full advantage of its dramatic, reflective nature.  Velvet curtains are also great at blocking out the majority of sunlight, in the same way that blackout curtains do.

A Spa-Like Experience

Since relaxation and a spa-like experience are the foundations of a great hotel bathroom, upgrading your lighting should be next thing on your list. Serene and sophisticated lighting can be accomplished by using several different light sources—not just a singular overhead light. Light can also be incorporated in mirrors, showers and vanities. Add dimmer switches, motion sensors or connected controls for ease.

Additional Seating

You can create a hotel vibe by setting up an intimate seating area in your bedroom or living room. Incorporating additional seating into a room is also a great way to invite new textures and patterns for more visual interest.