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Mastering an Indoor Garden

With spring in full swing, perfect temps and zero humidity, it’s time to get inside and garden! Wait, what? Gardening inside? With succulents, living walls and hydroponics steadily increasing in popularity, it’s no surprise that the indoor garden is the next horticultural trend to take off. Small-scale indoor gardens bring the outdoors in, allowing a unique experience with nature in the comfort of home.

Show Me the Light

First and foremost, let’s be clear. Gardening indoors does not mean breaking out the Miracle-Gro and sewing carrots or tomatoes beside your living room bookcase. But it does open the homeowner up to a whole new world of possibility when it comes to repurposing an underutilized space in the home. Consider areas that receive adequate natural light and select plants based on their lighting requirements and your lighting availability.  If an area gets less than 4 hours of direct sunlight a day, consider cacti, succulents, miniature citrus trees, and herbs. For areas of the home that receive longer periods of direct light, basil, peppermint and chives are great options. Tropical plants, large houseplants and small indoor trees can also be used to highlight areas of the home and can work well with moderate amounts of natural light.

Keep it Vertical

For years urban dwellers have made the most of their tiny spaces with creative methods of growing plants, as evidenced with the now wildly-popular indoor vertical garden. Aside from creating a stunning focal point within the home, vertical gardens masterfully utilize space and are relatively inexpensive to install. These vertical structures feature a variety of plants, herbs and flowers and are planted in a medium of stone, soil and water. (Keep in mind that larger living structures will need a built-in irrigation system.)

Before selecting the perfect indoor gardening setup for your home, feel free to speak with a specialist at Faith Floors & More to consider your current flooring and lighting options. Then let the growing begin!