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Mixing and Matching in Your Remodel

Designing a room has a lot of components. From colors & textures to materials & furniture, a successful remodel seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of design elements. At times it may feel a little overwhelming trying to determine all what goes together, especially if you like things that seem to be in different styles and color palettes. The good news is that the differing styles, colors, and design elements you love can be used together in a cohesive way with proper guidance and patience.

Successful Blends

New and old can go together, so can black and brown. The hard and fast rules of design are more flexible than some might think and the guiding rule is always first and foremost, “What do you like?” Futuristic faucets and fixtures can be blended with traditional subway tiles in a kitchen or bathroom model so long as they are accented properly. Blends work when either colors, textures, or materials complement one another. Even if the style of your remodeled kitchen is to be in a French farmhouse motif, you can still incorporate modern appliances, fixtures, flooring and other decor, so long as it follows the elemental rules of successful blending.


Home Remodeling Near Me

In any remodel, remember that you are creating a space for you and your family to enjoy. When in doubt, lean on the advice and guidance of experts. Faith Floors & More of College Station, TX is here to help. Give us a call today or come by our showroom to get your does of remodel inspiration.