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No More Boring Ceilings! It’s Time to Make a Statement

When you gaze around your living room, what is the first thing you notice? Your oversized sectional couch? Your authentic Persian area rug that cost a small fortune? What about your ceiling? Most of us rarely give the ceiling a second glance, and it’s no surprise.  It’s most likely one of the most basic and overlooked aspects of your home.

For years, the addition of a colorful or pattern-heavy statement wall has been a wildly popular design enhancement. Expanding on that same concept, why not accent the space above your head? That’s right. It’s time for accent walls to step aside and make way for the statement ceiling!

The Balancing Act

From bright colors and bold geometric patterns, to textured metallic tiles, wallpaper, paint or timber, the options are limitless when it comes to making a statement with your ceiling. One thing to keep in mind when updating this space is to maintain balance between the floor and ceiling.  Adding a brightly colored ceiling in an otherwise neutral space can take too much attention away from the rest of your room.

Once you select your paint color, tile or timber, balance the rest of the room with rugs, upholstery and fabric that provides equal weight to the space. Create cohesion by anchoring the rest of your room with equally impressive accessories, colors and textures. Not sure what colors or textures would work best on your ceiling? Let the home renovation professionals at Faith Floors & More, help you make an impressive statement.