Faith Floors

Remodel to Fit Your Tastes

Design books and television shows come with all kinds of rules about what can and cannot be done in any type of design or remodel. Some aesthetics and styles will not go together no matter what, but a lot of advice that is shared is simply a matter of opinion.

In the end, the last word of what your home should look like is up to you. As the one who will live in and enjoy the spaces you are remodeling every day, the only opinion that should really matter is yours. Always remember that trends come and go and new ground is only broken by those unwilling to be held back by the opinions of others.

Design To Match What You Want

Your space should be a reflection of you. Same as with your wardrobe, each and every room in your house should be what you feel comfortable in, both in how it feels and how it looks. Certain designers may say a room cannot have these two colors or these two styles, but always keep in mind, you are the one coming home to this space each and every day. Do a remodel that speaks to you and your uniqueness, your tastes and your comfort. In a remodel, if you focus on making your happiness and comfort the number one priority, you will ensure you get exactly what you want.