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Save that Money! Give Your Windows and Your Wallet the Royal Treatment

If you’ve been in College Station for any amount of time, especially during these sweltering summer and early fall months, you are also accustomed to the larger-than-usual electric bill that hot weather brings.  As you’re planning your next home renovation project, consider a simple solution for lowering your energy bill while updating the overall look and feel of your space: energy efficient window treatments.

Effortless Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to start revamping a tired living space is by changing up the window accessories with drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds. You want something fresh and stylish that also has a dual purpose. Investing in energy efficient curtains can help you save money during the hot humid months as well as the winter. Thermal insulated blackout curtains will help hold in heat during the winter and repel heat in the summer. Win-win!

Layer it up!

Still looking to block more light? Consider layering windows with multiple coverings.  You could start with stylish curtains or drapes on the outside of the windows and add blinds or even inner curtain panels. This is a great way to balance sunlight, provide privacy and balance temperatures throughout the house.

Soft and Glamorous

If you’re hoping for a slightly more glamorous—and very on-trend—window covering, velvet is the way to go. The softness of the fabric balances out any hard edges throughout a room and its light-catching properties reflect and almost give off light. Try lighting curtains from above to take full advantage of its dramatic, reflective nature.  Velvet curtains are also great at blocking out the majority of sunlight, in the same way that blackout curtains do.