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Springtime Remodeling Trends

After spending close to a year at home, many homeowners are moving away from the open concept trend, leaning more towards designated rooms and spaces for more function. This could mean anything from setting up a home office, a specific space for kids to learn remotely or even a home theater. Another trend is towards improving the aesthetics of a home, punching up paint colors, moving living spaces outdoors and bringing the outdoors in, with tropical and air purifying plants.

Outdoor Living

Tile Flooring College Station

If your backyard is currently a blank canvas of just grass or rocks, consider installing herringbone patterned pavers. Porcelain tiles and large, colorful Moroccan rugs are also a great option for laying the foundation to a cozy outdoor space. 

When it comes to furniture, think comfortable but unique.  Oversized couches and lounge chairs, and mismatching chairs are all appropriate here. If you have the budget to extend beyond this, outdoor kitchens, wood-fired pizza ovens and stone fireplaces give al fresco dining the same conveniences as the indoors.

Bright, Bold Color Choices

You’ve been staring at your four walls for a while now, so why not add some life to the color palette? If you’re spending over 8 hours a day glued to your computer in a drab home office, grab some fresh paint and a paintbrush immediately.  Opt for more vibrant color choices (no gray or beige here) that can help improve your mood. Yellow is cheerful and optimistic, while red can help with confidence and energy. Green can be calming, while orange can bring a sense of happiness and enthusiasm.  


To bring the outdoors in, we recommend combining a variety of ferns, indoor trees, succulents and even the addition of a vertical, indoor garden. Vertical gardens can feature a variety of plants, herbs, flowers and even aloe.