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Step Aside Man Cave, This One is for the Ladies!

There have been tons of articles written on creating the quintessential man cave, a place for men specifically to unwind, watch sports, engage in hobbies and have friends over. Now, it’s time for the ladies to have a relaxing, designated space within the home. Enter the “woman cave” or “she shed.” Despite what may immediately come to mind, no, the woman cave doesn’t have to be overtly girly, frivolous or pink. In fact, the space should encourage relaxation, showcase her individual personality and allow her creativity to run free.

Much like the male counterpart, the woman cave can be created by repurposing a guest bedroom, remodeling a portion of the basement or a secluded space outside of the home, like a standalone structure in the backyard.

Cute & Comfy Outdoor Space

If you have a standalone space like a shed or outdoor storage, consider remodeling it with colorful rugs, comfortable furnishings and artwork. Create a refuge that allows for entertaining a couple of friends, a space for hobbies (art projects, sewing or gardening) and a kitchenette or bar area for snacks and refreshing cocktails.

outdoor storage

The Dream Closet

If you’ve always dreamed of a massive walk-in closet (that would make even Kim Kardashian jealous!) consider converting an unused bedroom into a boutique oasis. Rolling racks and built-in shelving can allow you to spread out your shoe collection, showcase favorite pieces of clothing and allow garments to get the organization they deserve. Set up a vanity area for makeup, jewelry and hair accessories. Don’t forget to accent with plush rugs, proper lighting, plants and splashy artwork.

For more ideas on how to transform your current space, let the design and renovation specialists at Faith Floors & More help!