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The Mighty Arch is Taking Over

Look around. You can spot them in ancient architecture all over the world, in the interior of old libraries and courthouses, pre-war apartment buildings and if you’re lucky—they’re in your own home. We’re talking arches, and they have taken the interior design world by storm. If you aren’t blessed with already having elegant archways in your home, there are several creative ways you can jump on this trend without having to do a massive architectural overhaul.

Fake it ‘til you make it!

Giving the illusion of an archway can be as simple as adding on to a current space. For example, you can create an archway out of a standard rectangular window by building an arched frame out of wood or sheetrock. You can also give the optical illusion that one exists, by painting one directly onto the wall above the window or space you would like to highlight.

Work with accessories

Still want to achieve the playful and elevated look of arches without sinking a ton of time and money into a renovation project? Keep an eye out for accent pieces, mirrors, shelving units and artwork. All of these are currently available and in boutiques and big box stores nationwide.