Faith Floors

A Refreshing New Year

We did it! We survived a COVID-19 holiday season, ushered in a fresh new year and here we are: with high expectations and hopeful optimism that this year will be better than the last. (I mean, let’s face it. Can it really be any worse?)  No matter what the future holds, the great news is that with every new year comes a fresh start—even in your home. From small projects (like adding wallpaper or repainting a room) to major undertakings (like renovating a bathroom or installing new floors) there are endless ways to refresh your place in the new year. 

Storage Solutions

We try to encourage customers to not wait until the spring to start cleaning and organizing. In January, most of us are busy putting holiday decorations back into storage, shifting boxes around and making room for new Christmas gifts, so why not go the extra step and get truly organized? Start by adding shelving and storage baskets throughout your house. From your pantry and garage to your closets and bathrooms, vertical shelves and storage baskets will help get things off the floor and out of your way.

Deck Those Walls!

Oftentimes, smaller spaces are overlooked in the home. When was the last time you showed some love for your powder room or laundry room? Try adding a bold patterned wallpaper to refresh the walls and liven up the room.  If you’re hesitant about making a commitment to one style of wallpaper, we recommend opting for removable, temporary wallpaper. This type can be easily removed without any damage to your walls.

Update the Appliances

Unfortunately, most kitchen appliances these days generally last around 10 years. If your kitchen appliances have been around since the birth of your first child (the one who is now in college), then it may be time to reassess your oven, dishwasher, microwave and fridge. If you aren’t in a position to purchase major appliances after the holidays, opt for a low-budget kitchen refresh, by starting with knobs and drawer pulls. Upgrading the kitchen hardware can quickly refresh the entire room.