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A Retro Kitchen Reality

The number one reason homeowners choose to update their kitchen is because some element of the space is outdated and needs an upgrade: the appliances, the décor, the countertop…you get the idea. If you’ve recently moved into an older home with vintage elements (and you are a fan of that particular decade) resist the urge to automatically transform the space into a basic, ultra-modern kitchen if that isn’t completely your style. Combining some of the original elements of an older home with a modern spin can be the perfect way to honor the integrity of a vintage space. Or if you just love vintage but live in a modern home, these design tips can work for you as well.

Bold and Bright

Retro kitchens are easily identifiable by their bright colors: yellow, turquoise, tomato red and avocado green. Select one dominant color and then paint coordinating accents throughout the room. It will be bright and cheerful without completely taking over the space.

Glass-Front Cabinets

A timeless accent to any kitchen is the addition of glass-front cabinetry. They are charming and vintage-inspired while allowing dishes and glassware to be on full display. Do you have a patterned china collection, teapots, mugs or retro glassware? If so, this is the perfect way to show it off.

Laminate Countertops

Does anyone else remember the boomerang laminate of the 1950s, often seen in old kitchens and diners? A retro/modern kitchen is the perfect way to bring this mod pattern back! Although marble, granite and stone countertops are in demand at the moment, brightly colored and patterned laminate is an affordable, easy-to-clean option if you’re feeling the retro vibe. Look out for the vintage patterns Formica recently re-released with classic fun shapes and colors reminiscent of your childhood.