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Affordable Kitchen Remodeling: Simple Kitchen Updates

Remodeling your kitchen can be overwhelming because we all know how it’s often considered to be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to overhaul. Not only are all the built-in appliances costly, the materials that most kitchen remodels use these days are quite expensive as well. But this shouldn’t mean that the kitchen remodel you want is out of your reach.

Thinking Outside The Box

Nothing might be more of an eyesore than old, outdated cabinets. Especially considering how the kitchen is one of the business, high-traffic areas of any home. The kitchen is always on display. Replacing cabinets can be alluring and if the budget allows for it, then by all means, the impact will be undeniable. But if you’re looking to think outside of the box, consider having the cabinets refaced. Also, something as small as replacing the hardware, the handles and knobs, of the cabinet doors and drawers will make a big different in the overall look as well. The same approach could be applied to the floors if you have old hard wood you wish to refinish or if you want to try stained concrete.  

Let There Be Light

Rich materials such as granite and marble are certainly eye-catching in any space and they have the ability to transform a room, giving it a fresh, posh look. With their big impact also comes big costs that may be prohibitive for many kitchen remodeling projects. However, expensive materials are not the only way to change a space. Never underestimate the transforming ability of light in any room. Whether its natural light or additional overhead, pendant lighting, illumination has the ability to reinvent any space by making it feel warmer, more inviting, and more open. Options for natural light include removing shutters, taking down heavy blinds, or even adding a skylight. No less viable, options for artificial light range from added overhead can or pendant lights, to undercabinet lighting and even stand-alone table lamps. The sky is the limit, so invite it in to change the way your kitchen looks and feels.

Combine Updates With Remodeling

Combining these simpler updates with a couple of remodeling elements (new backsplashes?) can have a major impact on your space.

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