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Anything but Ordinary : The Power of a Classic White Kitchen

Let’s face it. Some things are just synonymous with being boring: vanilla ice cream, plain white walls and the clichéd “watching paint dry.” As kitchen trends ebb and flow, the one timeless classic we keep seeing is the completely white kitchen. Does it sound too basic? Repeat after me: white does not equal boring! What it does provide you with is a blank canvas, a cheery, light and airy room full of possibilities.

Pops of Color

When you’re working with an all-white room (of any kind), the first addition to consider is the furniture.  Colorful antique bar stools are a great way to inject a pop of color into an otherwise neutral space.  Pendant lights, exotic chandeliers and ceramic tiles are also perfect for bringing a white kitchen to life.


Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Just like with any great outfit, accessories are essential. They completely pull a space together, adding cohesion, layers of texture and providing warmth to a space that could otherwise seem stark.  Plus, they can be inexpensive! Geometric patterns on fabric curtains over the sink, floral tea towels and a splashy table runner are simple ways to infuse color into a space, without much commitment.

Endless Options

This brings us to one of the biggest advantages of a white kitchen: the versatility. If you find yourself constantly wanting to make updates to your space, swapping out artwork, lamps and even kitchen counter accessories, a white kitchen keeps you from being tied down by a color scheme. You are free to swap out items seasonally and keep your space freshly updated. Next time you consider renovations, keep in mind that a classic white kitchen can actually become the most exciting room in the home.