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Creative New Ways to Upgrade Basic Kitchen Cabinets

Are your current kitchen cabinets outdated, in need of some TLC or are they just the basic, boring builder-grade that needs to be spruced up? You can add style and functionality to your current cabinets without having to install brand new ones, and at a fraction of the cost. With the holidays just around the corner, the last thing you want to do is drop a ton of money on costly home renovations. However, you know that you want to spruce up your current space for out-of-towners and holiday guests. These tricks should help!

All Hail the Power of Paint!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a bold statement and change the esthetic in the kitchen is with a fresh coat of paint.  Manufacturing companies have teamed up with paint companies to create limitless colors and finishes for homeowners hoping to step outside of the basic white, cream or beige.  Some of the hottest colors right now are classic neutrals (grey, yellow, and pale green) and deep bold hues like navy blue, black and dark green.

Home Renovation

Removable Wallpaper

If you’re considering removing cabinet doors, or are already working with glass ones, revive the interior of your cabinets with removable wallpaper. It’s the perfect way to breathe new life into a small space, adding color and patterns in a creative way that is also non-committal.


Install Crown Molding

Take those kitchen cabinets to new heights by installing crown molding on top of boring builder-grade cabinets.  Crown molding will add height, interest and a level of sophistication with relatively easy installation. You can either hire a skilled carpenter to trim custom moldings, or DIY your own.


Interested in trying any of these out for yourself? Let the professionals at Faith Floors & More answer your questions, and help you find the best fit for your dream kitchen.