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Out with the Old, In with the New Countertop

If you were standing in your kitchen 300 years ago, kneading out dough on your new countertop, you were most likely working on stone. Wood quickly followed before being replaced by stainless steel, which eventually gave way to the laminate craze in the 1940s. As we follow the evolution of in vogue countertops through the years, you’ll notice the current market is relatively dominated by granite. Concrete, quartz, and butcher block are all equally trending at the moment. Not sure what is best for you? Let’s explore.

It’s Not Just About Looks

First things first, it has to look attractive and spruce up your current kitchen, right? But as we all know, it’s not enough for a countertop to just look cool. It needs to function and also fit within your renovation budget. Current countertops are more functional (and technologically advanced) with examples such as grooves routed into the surface that direct water into the sink—and even hydraulic lifts for automated countertop heights. (Welcome to the future, guys.) Start by deciding what your needs are and the level of upkeep you are willing to put into maintaining your surface.


What are Your Needs?

A high-traffic kitchen (one with a large household, kids, pets, and lots of cooking going on!) can benefit from materials such as tile, concrete or butcher block. (Keep in mind that butcher block will need to be refinished and sanded down as part of maintenance. The upside is its durability and cleaning it is a breeze!) Quartz is another great option for relatively low maintenance, style and durability. It’s no surprise that granite still reigns supreme when it comes to popularity, due to its style, ability to resist scratches, high temps and stains. Just make sure you remember to seal it periodically.


Let’s Talk Money, Honey

Selecting the perfect countertop for your home ultimately may come down to budget. For the most bang for your buck, ceramic tile, natural stone tile, shalestone and concrete are all popular (and attractive) options. Need more guidance? Let the design professionals at Faith Floors & More help you take your kitchen to the next level.