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Planning is for Dreaming

Most of the time when we consider doing a remodel, we focus on all the things we can’t do, or can’t afford, or maybe we think of all the reasons why something isn’t practical. This is completely understandable, because we are faced with the reality of a budget and other considerations. Responsibility is important in all remodels, and certain considerations must be made, but never forget the planning stage is also the dreaming stage of any and all remodels.

Perhaps when it comes time to put pen to paper, or hammer to nail, changes will have to be made or something dreamed up during the planning stage will not be feasible during the actual remodel. Even this may make way for a remodeling perk you possibly haven’t yet considered.

The Happy Accident

The happy accident in a remodel is when you set out with the plan or intention of designing a space one way, only to find out it has to be changed or altered to go in a new direction. While this might seem like a setback and feel like a temporary disappointment, the shift in execution can often lead you to approach the remainder of the remodel in a new direction.


Sometimes clients come to us with plans that for one reason or another aren’t possible. Perhaps a wall can’t be removed for structural or plumbing reasons and this possibly affects your hopes of having a completely open kitchen. This seeming setback can also provide us the opportunity to be creative and think of the room in a whole new way.

The joy of dreaming at the planning stage allows you to unleash your imagination and creativity throughout the project. Take the opportunity to turn potential obstacles into happy accidents. Call Faith Floors & More today for experienced guidance you’ll never want to go without.