Faith Floors

Storage + Style

If you spend any amount of time in your kitchen, you understand the importance of function, flow and the most important of them all: storage! However, no one wants to feel like they are cooking in a sterile test kitchen. Style, warmth and aesthetic are just as important and not mutually exclusive to practicality and function. Here are some tangible ways you can marry the two, giving yourself a kitchen you’ll be happy to spend all day in.

Designer kitchens

High-end designer kitchens in Dallas, Austin and even here in College Station, are leaning towards a warmer, less kitchen-like aesthetic with islands more reminiscent of a piece of furniture. The outward facing side is stylish, while the inward facing side is open-concept shelving and drawers. Another popular option is a serving buffet, a custom piece of furniture that matches the paint, finishes and hardware of the rest of the kitchen. This provides additional counter space, ideal for a coffee station, large appliances like a stand mixer or bulky blender and has additional cabinets below for overflow storage. Buffets are also perfect when having guests over, as they double as a serving and beverage station.

Ask a professional at Faith Floors & More about clever kitchen storage solutions like a pots and pans organizer, or dry produce drawers inside cabinets. Both free up much-needed space in other areas of the kitchen and when out of sight, keep your kitchen looking top-notch.