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The King of Kitchen Countertops

Of all of the countertops on the market today, there is one material so synonymous with luxury and elegance that it’s the first thing anyone thinks of when considering an upgrade. We’re talking granite, of course. Sure, you can spend more on marble, but granite is still considered the gold standard in Texas homes. It’s durable, scratch resistant (even your sharpest knives don’t stand a chance against it), heat tolerant (safe for a boiling pot to be placed directly onto it) and relatively maintenance free.  If you’re considering taking the plunge this fall and making the upgrade to granite, here are a few things you should know first.  

The Basics


Granite is a natural stone and is one of the hardest surfaces on earth.  It varies in pattern, color and may contain minor imperfections.  Colors can range anywhere from cream to gray or even deep forest green. Since each piece has its own mineral makeup, the patterns can be speckled, dotted or veined. The truth is, granite is like adding an expensive, functional piece of artwork to your kitchen. So in order to select exactly what you want, it’s worth a trip to inspect it in person before you buy. Also, this is not an installation for your next weekend warrior DIY project. Cracking can occur if it’s improperly installed, so go ahead and call a professional on this one.  

So Many Options

Granite is available in either a slab (the most common choice) or in tiles, which is the more affordable option.  The thickness of the slab, overhang and edge treatment (rounded, straight or beveled) are all details to consider.  Finishes are also pretty standard and are available in polished, honed or leather.  Polished is shiny, sleek and the least porous option. Because of its slick surface, it’s a breeze to clean and by far the most popular in modern kitchens.  A honed finish is still smooth but not as shiny and is more porous and hides imperfections. A leather finish has a similar feel to actual leather, is less porous and also disguises streaks.


For more tips on selecting granite, installation advice and help with countertop renovations, let the experts at Faith Floors & More be of service!