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The Kitchen Faucet Makeover

The kitchen sink is one of the most used spaces in the entire home, which means great functionality and design can be a game changer.  From sleek and sophisticated to touchless or traditional, you won’t run short on great options.  And with the ability to impact the overall look of the space, you want to make sure the hardware you select aligns with your functional needs as well as your personal style. 


Function is Key

Pull-out faucets are great for achieving a wide range of motion with the detachable head and sprayer. It allows access to the hard-to-reach areas of the sink and makes cleanup incredibly simple. The gooseneck spout of a pull-down faucet makes it easier to spray every corner of the sink, as well as get into large pots and pans for hand washing. 

Keeping it Classic

The most classic kitchen faucet is the standard single handle design. This makes it easy to move from left to right for hot or cold water. (Has anyone else used their elbow to turn on this type of faucet when your hands are messy? It makes life so much easier than having knobs to turn!)  Another plus, these faucets are reliable, easy to repair, and are simple enough if you are looking for a DIY project.


Still not sure what faucet would be best for your needs? Let the home renovation specialists at Faith Floors & More answer those questions for you!