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The Rustic Kitchen of Your Dreams

From the mountains to the city–no matter what part of Texas you call home–rustic design is fitting for any area. Even though the massively popular farmhouse trend has taken the College Station area by storm, rustic is timeless, simple and equally as trendy. If you adore wood, exposed beams, natural finishes and simple design, rustic is the way to go!

No Such Thing as Too Much Wood

Nothing says rustic dream kitchen more than a space filled with layers of wood: hardwood floors, wood cabinetry and an island made of wood. Those small imperfections found in natural wood, like knotty pine, are perfect in a charming rustic kitchen.  If you’re really feeling the wood-on-wood look, consider either exposed wood beams or a pine ceiling to give the illusion of even more height. To keep the space from feeling too much like a log cabin, consider stainless steel appliances, recessed lighting and modern light fixtures.

Open Shelving

Since cabinets are not just for storage, one trend homeowners are leaning towards is the open shelf concept, allowing kitchenware–that would otherwise be hidden– to be on full display.  If you have matching dinnerware sets, vintage wine glasses or custom pieces, this is the perfect chance for them to take center stage in your kitchen.