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Three Different Approaches to Remodeling Your Kitchen

We all dream of the perfect kitchen. A kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It’s a place for memories of where family and friends gather, where generations share in the cooking and baking of cherished recipes, and where we can experiment and try new dishes. It is also where we sit around the kitchen table and simply share in the joy of one another’s company over a cup of coffee or tea. For many the kitchen is also a favorite spot to study, do homework, or make arts and crafts with the kids.

The kitchen is a room with a wide variety of uses, and the remodel of a kitchen should definitely reflect this. 

Going All Out

The first option in remodeling your kitchen is to spare no expense. Turn this special room into an exquisite functional piece of art. As the heart of your home, consider a top to bottom, floor to ceiling remodel that gives this space the beauty, style and improved functionality it deserves. New wood or tile flooring, new cabinets, new counter-tops, and new appliances can all drastically transform your kitchen into a room worthy of the cover of Architectural Digest.

Structural Changes

Deciding to remodel your kitchen provides you with the opportunity to not only change the floor, cabinetry, or counter-tops, but to also think about the very shape and size of your kitchen. Take advantage of your remodel by considering how you may like to change the structure of the room.

A surprising amount of light, space, and “openness” can be gained from expanding doorways and removing partial walls. Entire walls can be removed to open up space to adjoining rooms. Counters or islands can be rearranged within the space or be removed altogether (or added!). You can even consider adding windows or a skylight.

The Finishing Touches

For many, the look and feel of a kitchen can be defined in the details. Little steps such as changing out the hardware on kitchen cabinet doors and drawers can update a space greatly. The same is true for changing the finish on cabinets, as well as adding decorative motifs such as crown molding, paint and new back-splashes. Even a blend of these steps will greatly transform your kitchen, transforming it into the room you have always dreamed of.