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Which Kitchen Fits You Best?

Every Texas kitchen should be as unique and personalized as the homeowner. A trendy, industrial kitchen in the heart of Austin is going to look completely different from a traditional and classic kitchen here in College Station or Dallas—as it should! While we encourage our clients to mix and match design aesthetics, sometimes the easiest place to start is by identifying your style and tackling renovations from there.

The Practical Showstopper

Wait, what? A kitchen can be both completely livable (aka practical) and also blow your socks off?  Absolutely! Functional, sustainable and comfortable are the keywords here. If you find yourself constantly multitasking in the kitchen (homework at the bar, catching up with family members gathered around the island, etc.) this may the design style for you. Functional and practical kitchens generally feature storage galore, water resistant flooring and technology-enhanced components and upgraded appliances.

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Bright and Colorful

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If you’re looking for a relaxing but fun place to gather with friends and family to cook and eat, you probably don’t want an all-white sterile kitchen—you want a room with color! One of the easiest ways to make a bold statement in the kitchen is with bold pops of color.  Taking quick note of this trend, manufacturing companies have teamed up with paint companies to create limitless colors and finishes. Have some fun and step outside of the standard white, cream or beige walls, countertops and backsplashes.

Open Concept

The open concept kitchen and living spaces have been steadily increasing in popularity, even though the trend has been around for a couple of decades. If you are a fan of the open concept kitchen, and have availability in your budget to remove any non-loadbearing walls to expand the square footage between rooms, we say go for it! Just keep in mind that if you are combining a kitchen and living space, make sure you seamlessly blend colors, styles, and furniture. Your open kitchen should feel a natural part of the home.

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