Faith Floors

Your Remodel, Your Way

Remodeling a kitchen or other space can go in many different directions. There is no shortage of online advice, How To’s, and other guides all eager to show you the way. While these various shows, blogs, articles and even the two cents of others, can be valuable resources, ultimately the only opinion that counts is yours. Your house is your domain, a place to not only go about your day to day living, but a place to entertain. Your home is a statement to the world and to yourself about what you like and who you are. Every room in your house should speak to those things, and if any one room doesn’t, then it should be first on the list to change.

The Power Of Making It Yours

When it comes to buying a house, even if it’s new and from a builder, there are always things that will be someone else’s. Whether it’s the choice in granite counter tops, or the type and texture of flooring, all elements of a home beyond the foundation, framing and plumbing come from stylistic choices someone made based upon what their preferences. When it comes to your home, and especially so in a remodel, it’s crucial that the one making all those stylistic choices be you. The kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathroom of any home set the pace not only for the day to day, but they set the pace for the year to year. Your home should be a complete reflection of you and what you want for your family. Taking the reins of a remodel and sitting in the driver’s seat allows you to do just that: do your remodel, your way.