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Mid-Century Modern Madness

With its simple, functional, understated clean lines, accents of gentle curves, and versatility, mid-century modern furnishings have been accenting homes for decades. When we saw its massive resurgence in popularity begin in the late ‘90s, no one would have predicted it would have the staying power of being just as popular here in College Station, nearly 30 years later. Who knew? As evidenced by IKEA, current Target and Amazon furnishings and pretty much any interior design magazine you check out, mid-century modern accents are literally EVERYWHERE.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Industrial and quasi-futuristic, mid-century modern design originally signified optimism and a cultural and stylistic shift from a stoic, traditional type of design. So why do we love it so much? It’s good for small spaces (which makes sense for an urban populations and cities like Austin). It’s incredibly easy to find and is available at every price point. The shapes are classic and it goes with everything. Win-win.

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Go for Iconic

Are you thinking of adding a few pieces to your home without risking looking dated or like a 1950s time capsule? Look for an iconic piece of furniture like a credenza, Eames lounge chair or era-inspired light fixtures and accents.

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