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Welcome to the Neighborhood! Introducing Granny Pods

For almost a decade, tiny homes have been all the rage in alternative housing, allowing millennials, retirees and world travelers an affordable (and compact) new way of living.  As the needs of society are ever-evolving, so are our housing options. One of the newest trends in tiny living is the new granny pod. This alternative housing option for the elderly also offers a solution for the growing concern of how to care for America’s rapidly growing aging population.

For individuals not keen on placing their loved ones in a retirement or nursing facility, granny pods provide all the comfort and convenience of independent living, with the added bonus of close proximity to the caregiver. Translation: they are literally in your own backyard! These prefabricated medical pods are also pretty technologically advanced, equipped with safety features like soft flooring, handrails, lighted floorboards and ankle-level monitoring systems. Safety cameras can also connect to the main house so caregivers can monitor, in the event of a medical emergency or fall.

If you’re considering placing a granny pod on your property, double check with the zoning laws in your area first. If you are planning to build your own, floor plans are currently available online for purchase and Faith Floors & More is here to handle all your flooring needs.