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Put a Crown on It! Reinventing a Room with the Addition of Crown Molding

Since its very beginning in ancient Greece, Egypt and France, crown molding has been an opulent and stylish way to complete a room. You’ll find it on top of cabinets, columns and the point where the wall meets in the ceiling within the home. Although a staple in older homes, some Texans may have noticed its absence in newer construction. Does this mean it has gone out of style? No way! In fact, much like subway tile, crown molding is one of those details in the home that remains timeless. If you find yourself now eyeing your ceilings and noticing how plain they look, it’s time to take action! The addition of classic crown molding can easily be tackled over a weekend and will dramatically enhance the look and feel of your space.

Frame Your Windows

Surrounding a window with crown molding unquestionably changes the look of a room. The windows immediately seem larger, and rooms look brighter. Molding also acts like a visual anchor for window treatments that hang inside the frame.

Top Those Cabinets

Adding crown molding above basic, stock kitchen cabinets transforms them into a custom, built-in look. This DIY project can be accomplished in a weekend with a miter box, saw, hammer, nails, and wood filler. 

Accent the Doorway

If you’re looking to add more style to your doorways, you can start by adding stock lumber and hefty crown molding. You can easily do this by adding on to the existing door frame. Add a board ( whatever width you would like) above the existing molding, install a piece of decorative trim between them, and then add crown molding to the top.

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