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The Rise of the Great Modern Cabin

As Texans, we are not strangers to the concept of a classic, rustic-yet-magical, cabin in the woods getaway. What else compares to unplugging in Mother Nature, surrounded by calm springs and towering trees? For some of us, an outdoorsy hideaway is the ultimate in relaxation. If you are lucky enough to own a retreat home of your own, you can always benefit from sprucing it up with a modern spin.

Make it Natural

When you close your eyes and try to envision to perfect modern cabin, what comes to mind? Interior designers agree that natural materials should dominate a cabin interior, from the frame to furniture and accent pieces. Most of these are made from wood (walls and floors) but can also include stone, pelts, and bone. When you are designing a modern rustic space, sustainability is key. Consider swapping out fur or leather accents for faux pieces.

Warm the Space

Solid wood walls, floors and accents can be stark and cold without proper accessories to warm up and soften the space. Wool blankets, fluffy accent pillows, and a fireplace make cabins much more welcoming. If you plan on keeping your cabin in the family for generations, bring in personal, meaningful vintage pieces like tables, lamps and framed artwork.