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Home Solutions: Clever Ideas for the Space Under the Stairs

As we prep for spring cleaning and look for new ways to get organized this year, take a look around your home and assess its hidden potential. Oftentimes, the most overlooked areas of your home are the ones that can be better utilized for storage and function.  That space under the stairs that seems to collect odds and ends? This could be the solution to many of your storage and small space needs.

Storage for Overflow

From custom drawers to cabinets to storage racks, the space under the stairs can be the ultimate way to house overflow items from an adjoining room. Does the nearby kitchen lack adequate cabinet space? Custom drawers installed under the stairs can hold small kitchen items (think: waffle irons, mixers, or specialty tools) that don’t get used often but need to be stored nearby for easy access.  Additional pull-out drawers can be useful for wine storage, cupboard needs and even personal items like shoes and handbags. Built-in shelves and drawers can also be the perfect spot for backpacks, books and coats.

Reading Nook or Small Workspace

The space under the stairs generally provides enough depth for a comfortable bench that can be turned into a reading nook. Add a plush cushion, lamp and bookshelves and it can easily transform into the perfect spot for reading or working on your laptop. Another option is to transform the space into a small home office. With a work surface attached to the wall, small desk and ergonomic chair, this otherwise overlooked space has now transformed into a functional home office.