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Everyone Loves a Comeback: The Return of Vintage Paint Colors

For those of us that were around in the ‘70s, it may be hard to forget those cringe-worthy avocado and mustard hues that were in every household. (Yes, some of us are still trying to block out memories of that avocado bathtub and matching vanity from childhood.) It’s true; everything old will one day be new again! And here we are in 2020, looking at paint colors from our youth, refreshed and back on our walls. Feeling adventurous? Here’s how you can you pull off retro colors in a fresh new way.

In the Pink

You may have recently heard it referred to as “millennial pink”—that pale blush hue that has been in the forefront of home furnishings, couches, rugs and paint for the past few years. Soft, versatile and sophisticated, it is a definite upgrade from the pale pink tiles of your grandmother’s bathroom in the ‘50s. This shiny new version is cheerful, flattering and surprisingly works well with a vast array of complimenting colors.

Mustard: Not Just for Hotdogs

Bright yellow paint colors have been around since our forefathers founded this great country. Although hard to imagine, derivatives of mustard-like yellow paint have been adorning walls since well before the 1970s.And it’s back again, with extreme popularity in living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. After a long run with neutrals like grey and beige, punchy colors like mustard are currently considered a new neutral. It pairs well with blue, gray and even pink. Step out of your box and try it!

Run, Forest!

One of the most hated colors of the past few decades is by far avocado green. While we love to eat the fruit, most of us are not thrilled with painting our walls the same color. The fresh, updated version of this is more of a forest green neutral. Shades of green have been popping up everywhere in 2020 because of its versatility, connection to nature and warmth. Want to feel closer to the great outdoors in your home? Deep forest green trim accents, kitchen cabinets, accent colors and furnishings will help you achieve this.