Faith Floors

The Wood Paneling Comeback

Hello, 1970! Who else remembers the wood paneling days of the ‘70s and ‘80s, passing the time over at Grandma’s house, lounging on shag carpet and napping on her floral, velour couch? Well, who would’ve guessed these once-cringey trends are making a comeback? This go-around, you can catch the wood paneling walls (once reminiscent of an old ski lodge) in fresh, chic accents.

Creative Paneling Ideas for a Modern Look

Choosing to accent only one wall, or the ceiling, with angled paneling is one way to breathe new life into a space. This modern version highlights a mix of thin, slatted boards or large, unfinished knotty pine or oak. Both are excellent options for warming a room, while also providing a relatively blank canvas for furniture, flooring and accessories.  

Contemporary Flooring Choices

Hardwood floors are continuing to grow in popularity (yes, even combined with wood walls) including lookalike flooring options like porcelain tile and manufactured vinyl planks. Heavily patterned rugs, carpet and tile are still having a moment, proving layers of texture and vibrant colors. Also, pulling from the ’70s and ’80s are the intricately woven tapestries and elaborately knotty macramé wall hangings.   Fiber art such as this has a way of softening an otherwise streamlined space.

Exploring the Trend

If you’re considering trying this trend for yourself, start small by accenting a kitchen wall, reading nook or bathroom. This cool new spin on those dated wooden walls from your childhood may just be your new favorite!