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Home Renovation Tips to Keep Your Project on Track

Home Renovation

You’ve been dreaming of new countertops for the past two years. You’re considering knocking down a wall and opening up your kitchen and living room areas for a more on-trend, open concept space.

The Reality of Home Renovations During a Pandemic

Home Renovations

ou’ve spend the better part of a year confined to your home due to the pandemic, and have probably dreamed up every possible scenario for home improvements. You’ve spent day after day creating a mental laundry list of projects to tackle, painting that needs to be done, carpet that should be ripped up and even walls that you would like to see opened up. And here we are in the middle of spring, with most of the country reopened, stimulus checks in our bank accounts and spirits lifted.

Five Creative Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovation and home remodeling can entail a lot of different types of projects. Are you thinking about a home remodeling or renovation project to bring your home one step closer to your dream home.