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Remodeling Piece by Piece

Remodeling Piece

Deciding to complete any type of home remodeling is a big undertaking. From determining your budget to finalizing the perfect plans, a lot goes into creating your perfect space.

How to Prioritize Your Remodel

Prioritize Remodel

The question to remodel or not to remodel is a big one. Once you are ready to move forward with a resounding yes, the next item to address is, “Where do we start?”

Mixing and Matching in Your Remodel

Mixing and Matching in Remodel

Designing a room has a lot of components. From colors & textures to materials & furniture, a successful remodel seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of design elements.

Selecting the Best Flooring for Your Space.

Best Flooring

Hardwood floors have long been the most traditional choice for their unparalleled look and feel. With a such a wide variety of options, it’s easy to see why hardwood floors are such an attractive choice.

Remodels Fit For Royalty

Remodels Fit

For those looking to transform their bathrooms in posh, spa-like retreats where the outside world can fade away, your options are limitless.

Top 3 Tips for Flooring Renovations

New Flooring Installation

Whether you’ve got a fixer upper on your hands or you’re just wanting a change, your flooring renovation project can be made easier with these top tips. Knowing what you want is key, but knowing how best to move forward will help you save time and money.

Remodeling in All Shapes and Sizes

Kitchen Remodeling

There tend to be a lot of competing ideas about what gives you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to remodeling all or any part of your home. Sometimes people approach a remodel as though bigger is always better, but the same thinking oftentimes makes people think remodeling isn’t for them or that the kitchen of their dreams is simply out of reach.

Value Tip: Home Remodeling for House Resale Value

House Resale Value

House-flipping has become very popular in recent years. The number of TV shows featuring flippers alone makes the entire idea appealing because the returns on investment can be quite large. Even for those not looking to make a business out of remodeling houses, every homeowner is mindful of the day when you go to resell your own house.

The Wonders of Faux Wood Tile

Flooring Wood Tiles

From country homes to fancy, penthouse suites, hardwood floors give any space a certain flair that makes any room feel richer and more inviting.