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Remodeling Piece by Piece

Remodeling Piece

Deciding to complete any type of home remodeling is a big undertaking. From determining your budget to finalizing the perfect plans, a lot goes into creating your perfect space.

How to Prioritize Your Remodel

Prioritize Remodel

The question to remodel or not to remodel is a big one. Once you are ready to move forward with a resounding yes, the next item to address is, “Where do we start?”

Remodels Fit For Royalty

Remodels Fit

For those looking to transform their bathrooms in posh, spa-like retreats where the outside world can fade away, your options are limitless.

Value Tip: Home Remodeling for House Resale Value

House Resale Value

House-flipping has become very popular in recent years. The number of TV shows featuring flippers alone makes the entire idea appealing because the returns on investment can be quite large. Even for those not looking to make a business out of remodeling houses, every homeowner is mindful of the day when you go to resell your own house.

Where to Start Your Home Remodel

Home Remodeling

If your home is outdated and in desperate need of a new look, the process can feel a bit overwhelming. You may have many questions ranging from form to function and with so many options you might be left not knowing where to begin. Have no fear.

It’s Time to Make a Statement

Contemporary Tile Options

Good old-fashioned tile has been making its way into homes around the world virtually for decades. We’ve seen it popping up on kitchen backsplashes (think: subway tile on every HGTV show), on bathroom floors, in home entryways and foyers.