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Mixing and Matching in Your Remodel

Mixing and Matching in Remodel

Designing a room has a lot of components. From colors & textures to materials & furniture, a successful remodel seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of design elements.

Remodel to Fit Your Tastes


Design books and television shows come with all kinds of rules about what can and cannot be done in any type of design or remodel.

DIY Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Design

From hit shows on TV to fancy galleries and showrooms, interior designers are sometimes like rock stars. Whether they are famous or not, interior designers also often have rock star prices that make many budget-conscious people think twice about picking up the phone.

Mastering an Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

With spring in full swing, perfect temps and zero humidity, it’s time to get inside and garden! Wait, what? Gardening inside?

The Mighty Arch is Taking Over

interior design

Look around. You can spot them in ancient architecture all over the world, in the interior of old libraries and courthouses, pre-war apartment buildings and if you’re lucky—they’re in your own home.

Projects You Wish You Had Thought of Sooner

Projects You Wish You Had Thought of Sooner

With some of us still working remotely, some still under a legitimate quarantine and some of us making the conscious choice to be cautious and stay home, it’s fair to say that as a society we have spent more time at home in 2020 than any previous year.